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"Increase quality and reduce costs with AI-based acoustic testing"
Vision:Noise detection at the test bench

Sounce enables automatic detection of unwanted noise in real time. Exemplary use cases are component endurance runs or end-of-line test benches. In this way, the software as a service solution enables quality to be improved in the long term. Sounce ensures in a cost- and resource-efficient way that components in development and production sound as they should: nice.

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CHALLENGE:Noise analysis: subjective and laborious

Whether in quality assurance or in component qualification - noises provide essential information about product and process quality. Both the detection and the analysis of noises are costly and complex and are based on the subjective perception of the operator. Failures detected too late or not at all must be corrected at great expense and effort.

SOLUTION:Automatic noise detection using AI

Based on a deep learning approach, Sounce reliably detects unwanted noises. The results are documented, visualized and summarized in detail in a web application. The acoustic inspection based on artificial Intelligence (AI) facilitates root cause analysis and supports the engineer in his daily work.

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