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Porsche Impact

"Let's drive towards a sustainable sportscar future."

Bridging the gap to a green sports car future.

Porsche Impact is a service designed to give Porsche customers the opportunity to offset their personal CO₂ emissions by supporting a certified project via our compensation partner South Pole. In more than 20 countries customers can use the online calculator to easily determine their individual CO₂ emissions and the corresponding compensation amount. Together with Porsche’s offsetting activities, more than 45,000 tons of CO₂ have beening offset via Impact.

Customer Innovation
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Sustainability and sports cars

Environmental awareness among Porsche customers has increased in recent years. Thus, Porsche has enriched the wide range of its car models by hybrid and electric vehicles. With Porsche Impact we are expanding these efforts by creating a possibility to offset the CO₂ emissions of traditional engine Porsche models that are already on the market. This approach involves our customers in a sustainability focused initiative for the first time.

Acting together

Porsche Impact provides Porsche drivers the opportunity to offset their vehicles’ CO₂ emissions on a voluntary basis. Porsche’s Strategy 2030 is characterized by many additional initiatives that avoid and reduce CO₂ emissions along the entire value chain. With Porsche Impact we created a good choice for our environmental conscious customers to join us on our way towards a carbon neutral future.

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