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"A new way of cycling"
Vision:A new way of cycling

Under the new Cyklær bike brand, Porsche Digital is developing a platform for digital services related to the cycling experience. For the launch, Porsche Digital has teamed up with renowned bicycle manufacturer Storck and with the help of component manufacturers Greyp and Fazua to bring an innovative, sporty e-bike to market: the Cyklær Bike. The unique e-gravel is characterized by the combination of digital technology, innovative design and high-quality bicycle construction.

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CHALLENGE:Better connected, safer and more comfortable

While the automotive industry has been using digital assistance systems to increase driver safety for quite some time, the potential of digital technology in the bicycle market has remained untapped. 

This is where Cyklær‘s digital features come in, focusing on the needs of the customer - With the goal of making cycling as a whole better connected, safer and more comfortable.


SOLUTION:A unique bike Experience

Cyklær combines sporty character, cutting-edge digital technology and innovative design - creating a new category of sporty e-bike. The digital rearview mirror provides an all-round view in any situation, increasing the rider's safety. The Cyklær app combines all important functions in one app, preventing switching between different applications while riding. The unique frame design provides more bottom bracket stiffness and a transitional design language of the frame and stem unit. The removable battery and motor unit also transform the Cyklær into a regular bio-bike in seconds.

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