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Porsche NFT Homebase

Starting point for a brand experience in Web3
Vision:The first 911 that fits into your wallet

Porsche Digital enables Porsches first steps into Web3 with the development of the Porsche NFT homebase. In collaboration with Porsche AG and MHP, the homebase brings the 911 as a design icon to blockchain technology, enabling automotive enthusiasts and NFT collectors to own and customize a special and authentic digital artwork of the Porsche 911 as a non-fungible token. The first 911 that fits into your (crypto) wallet. 

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Challenge: Entering the world of Web3 with digital artworks and a unique brand positioning

Web3 not just offer unique opportunities and novel experiences, but also present a host of challenges for companies, including regulatory uncertainties, navigating through evolving laws surrounding blockchain and building up expert knowledge in the process. The homebase developed by Porsche Digital provides the technological foundation to purchase an NFT with cryptocurrency and customize it on a creative journey. The objective was to bring the unique and exclusive Porsche brand experience to the Web3 world, by creating an enthusiastic and interactive community, and combining the brand with Web3-specific visuals, content, and processes to cater to a worldwide audience.

Solution:Co-creation, community and a seamless experience

The homebase provides solutions for the entire journey of the project, from the initial mint of a white Porsche 911 NFT to one of the most interesting aspects of the project: co-creating and personalizing the final look and feel of the NFT by choosing a road for it, selecting from Performance, Lifestyle, or Heritage options. These roads reflect a particular characteristic of the company’s brand identity and will modify the overall design of the car itself in various phases. In addition, holders have access to exclusive utilities, including physical and virtual events, an airdrop, and exclusive merchandise. 

In the final phase, the “Virtual Garage”, holders can claim a 3D-version of their created 911 on the homebase, experiencing the finished artwork in a three-dimensional environment. All of the above packaged in a seamless and engaging journey on the NFT homebase.

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